The recreation team at Camping de Regenboog in the Czech Republic in high season

In the high season from July 11 to August 22 there is a recreation team that organizes activities for young and old, starting in the morning with an activity for the little ones and late afternoon and evening for the older children, teenagers, young people and adults . Our animation staff speak Dutch during the activities. Feel free to contact our animation staff for explanations in English.

Activities are organized such as the kids’ club, treasure hunts, bingo, drops, archery, soccer tournaments, beach volleyball tournaments, campfire evenings, BBQs, sing-ins and Sunday gatherings. In the evening there is a youth basement where young people can meet. Below is an example of a weekly program, the program is without obligation.


10:00: Children’s club 4+
15.00: Treasure hunt
16.00: Football tournament / volleyball tournament
19:00: Bingo
20.00: lantern parade; starts at the campfire with the option of baking a sandwich incl sausage or marsmallow
20.00: Beer tasting
20:30: Youth hostel (12+)


10:00 kids club 4+
15:30: sports and games
4.30 pm: Archery with an instructor
19.30: mini dropping & dropping: children 8+: The dropping consists of an easy route for children aged 8 to 12 and an average and challenging route for 12+ youth. This keeps the dropping fun for everyone! What is a dropping: A dropping is a game or a (military) exercise in which people are brought blindfolded to a place, from where they have to find their way home independently.


10.00 games morning 4+
10.00 Bible study morning
16.00: Sports and games
18.00: Barbecue for the whole family
20:30: Youth club 12+


8.00 Bus trip Prague
19.30: Campfire evening for everyone
21.00: Campfire evening 12+ Friday
10:00 Kids Club 4+
15:00: Volleyball tournament
19.00: The Rainbow got talent.
(After the Rainbow got talent, the youth club opens)



19.00: mini youth base 8+
20:30 Youth Base (12+)


10:30: Church service
15.00: Sunday walk
19.30: Singing by the campfire

Speakers 2023

16-07 -2023 Robbert Sinon

23-07-2023 Robbert Sinon

30-07-2023 Robbert Sinon

06-08-2023 Harjan Otten

13-08-2023 Kees Muurling

20-08-2023 Kees Muurling