Excursion to the Skoda fabrik

2023: only one Dutch tour 20.07.2023

Do you want to see how cars are made and what is involved in a large car factory? Then this is your chance for a UNIQUE complete tour in English! We are invited to come with a group of 20 people. Upon arrival, the group is divided into two groups of 10 people. The first group will start in the museum and the second group will start at the factory. Children from 10 years old are welcome at the factory.

Daily schedule

8:00 Everyone will gather at the reception

8:15: Time to drive to the skoda fabrik 

10:00 Arrival

10:20 Report at the reception! Be here in time!

10:30: The group is divided into two groups of 10 people. One group starts at the factory with a Dutch guide. Transport by the factory will go with cars. This will allow one 'own' car to drive into the factory per group. The other group starts in the museum.

13:30: end of the tours.

15:30: Arrival at the campsite


Cost: 200 crowns per adult, children / students 100 crowns, Entrance + 10 years old!

Transport: own car, idea is to travel together and split the costs?

Address:  ŠKODA AUTO (90 km from the campsite)

Parking: You can park on the other side of the Skoda Factory, in a garage at the shopping center. Note that one car must drive during the tour in the Skoda Factory.

You can register after booking by e-mail.

Be quick because full = full