Nature campsite in the Czech Republic with nice trips nearby

There are many nice trips in the vicinity of our nature campsite in the Czech Republic. The green campsite borders a beautiful lake in the Czech Republic. So for natural beauty you don't even have to leave the grounds of our Czech nature campsite. But if you are looking for a more active holiday, there are also beautiful walking and cycling trips in the area.

Kyjov-Krasna Lipa (CZ): 20 minutes drive. A nice walk up along all kinds of special rock formations. Cycling and mountain biking is also possible here. Address: Kyjovská 39, 407 46 Krásná Lípa, Czech Republic. Parking: When you drive in Kyjov it is the first parking lot on your left next to a restaurant. there is a tarmac road just in front of the restaurant, where hiking and cycling trails start.
Hrensko rock bridge Pravcicka brana (CZ): 1 hour away. A beautiful walk and boat trip along rocks and gorges. An absolute must! At the rock bridge Pravcicka brana a part of the film Narnia was shot. Note: paid parking is almost everywhere. To see the bridge you pay 3 euros pp.

Get to know the culture of the Czech Republic near our nature campsite

If you want to get to know the culture of the Czech Republic better, there are also beautiful cities to visit near our nature campsite. You don't even have to travel far from our lakeside camping site for that. Among other things, it is possible to visit the capital with a guide. And if you go yourself, we recommend that you park your car on the outskirts of the city in a free P + R parking lot. With a day ticket from the metro you can then go anywhere without high costs. We also recommend these cities in the vicinity of our nature campsite in the Czech Republic to you:

Liberec (CZ): 1 hour drive: parking tip: Soukenné nám? Stí 2a / 669 460 80 Liberec 1. You can park here for the first 2 hours for free. There is a large covered shopping center next to the parking garage.
Decín (CZ) 1 hour away: beautiful rose gardens and many water sports are available in Decín. Decín is easy to combine with a walk near Hrensko or a visit to Teresienstadt (number 9).

There is also a lot to do for families near our green campsite in the Czech Republic

There is also plenty to do for families visiting our nature campsite in the Czech Republic. There are beautiful zoos, amusement parks and swimming pools nearby. In addition, our green campsite on the most beautiful lake in the Czech Republic also organizes an excursion to the Skoda factory. With the cheap prices that the Czech Republic is known for, you can make a wonderful trip near our green campsite without it having to cost a lot. So book your camping holiday with us now and enjoy all the beauty that our nature campsite in the Czech Republic has to offer! Or call for questions at 0636164972.

Liberec Zoo (CZ): 1 hour away. You can spend a whole day at the zoo for less than € 4 per adult and € 2.50 per child. address: Lidové sady 425/1, 460 01 Liberec I-Staré Misto.
Decin Zoo (CZ): 1 hour away. You can go to the Zoo for a nice price in the Czech Republic! Costs: € 3 p.p. Kids: € 2 address: Žižkova 1286/15, 405 02 D ?? ín IV.
Auqapark - Babylon (CZ): 1 hour away. Swimming pool with the possibility to also enter other 'parks'. Family card for swimming 2 + 2 (<140): € 42
Dinopark Plaza Liberec (CZ): 1 hour away. A day out with the kids? Then an outing like the dinosaur park in Liberec might be something for you. For 16 euros you already have a day ticket for 2 adults and 2 children.

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