The recreational lake

There is a lake near the campsite where you can swim and sail. The lake is not suitable for children without a swimming diploma because it soon becomes too deep to stand. For anyone with a swimming diploma it is very suitable to swim here on a hot summer day.

For the little ones, children's pools are placed in several places on the campsite. At about 10-20 km from the campsite there are several outdoor and indoor swimming pools, mainly in Germany.


In Stare Krecany there is a lake where you can fish. This is about 10 minutes drive from the campsite. At the reception you can buy a fishing license for 4 euros/kc 100 per day, for 2 rods. Address: nove krecany 12 40761 Stare Krecany

It is also possible to fish in Sluknov. the procedures are only more difficult (there are 3 authorities involved) and costs about 40 euros per week.

The climate

The Czech Republic has a land climate and in the summer it is almost allways between the 20 an 30 degrees during the day.

In the evening it cools down, this is wonderful for the night's rest. We advise you to bring a thick cardigan and possibly an extra blanket so that you do not get cold.

Traffic rules for cars in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic there are a number of different traffic rules that are important to know:

  • Always turn on the city lights, also during the day.
  • Behind the wheel there is a 0% alcohol policy.
  • A vignette is mandatory on the motorways. This vignette is not necessary in our area. Only when you decide to drive to Prague, it is wise to avoid the toll roads.
  • Always park with the direction of travel. Parking in the direction of traffic is prohibited.

Traffic rules for cyclists in the Czech Republic

Planning to take your bike with you this summer? 

  • You can not cycle next to each other, so only in a row.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol is just as unacceptable as for the drivers of motor vehicles.
  • Protect your head with a bicycle helmet (for children up to the age of 18, their use is mandatory !!).

No bikes with you, but want to cycle see the rental mountainbikes!