Travelling with public transport

There are several ways to join us:

1. The train: from Germany: Book a ticket from your hometown to Bad Schandau. Sluknov has its own train station. In Bad Schandau a train goes to Sluknov. The train ticket from Bad Schandau to Sluknov is not for sale online but must be bought on the platform or on the train, click here for departure times. Arriving in Sluknov it is a 7 minute walk from the train station. Useful apps: IDOS for the Czech Republic and DB Navigator for in Germany.
2. Flixbus: these buses arrive in Dresden, Bautzen and Prague. Bautzen is the closest, from Dresden you can travel further by train to Badschandau and then to Sluknov, see number 1.
3. Airplane: Both Dresden and Prague can be flown. The Quickbus can be taken from Prague to Rumburk. Costs are approximately 6 euros per ticket.

Our address: Camping de Regenboog Rumburska 718 40777 Sluknov

€15, camping for 2!
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