Who are we? The owners of Camping Regenboog

How nice that you look at our website and are interested in our campsite. We would like to tell you something about ourselves and about the campsite.

We are Ruben and Priscilla van Veen and are coming from the the Netherlands. We took over Camping de Regenboog in 2016. This was a year full of changes! Ruben worked as a manager in a climbing forest. Priscilla was graduating from the Business Economics program.

We had been looking for a campsite for a while, but we had actually given up hoping to start a campsite ourselves. We were young and did not have the resources to start a campsite. That is why we decided in 2016 to manage Camping de Regenboog. We thought it would be good to spend a year looking at what it really is like to run a campsite. This only turned out differently, the owner found us a suitable couple to take over the campsite. We did this after we visited the campsite and became enthusiastic about the campsite and the surrounding area.


Just as many people have been surprised in recent years, we were also surprised in the winter of 2016.
When you arrive at the campsite you will not see a campsite ... If you then walk up the road from the reception, a very spacious, green campsite will appear in one go, with a kilometer-long view of the forests and hills.

The places are very spacious so you can completely relax and enjoy nature and each other, but if you want to look for more fun, that is also possible. In the summer there is an entertainment team for young and old, shared BBQs, drops for the youth and a place for the youth to meet.

The village is next to the campsite, so that all basic needs such as the bakery, supermarket and restaurants are within walking distance. Walking and cycling are also possible from the campsite. If you are someone who likes nature, you can take beautiful walks or bike rides between the rocks of the rugged Bohemian Switzerland nature reserve. If you have more needs to visit cities, then Dresden, Bautzen or Prague is definitely worth it. The train and bus are also within walking distance. To keep you well informed of all these activities, we have made a booklet about the area with all kinds of beautiful walks, outings for the whole family, and the best restaurants. You will receive this by email when booking, so that the anticipation for your holiday can already begin!

We do our work with passion and pleasure, it gives us great satisfaction to be able to share this beautiful place with you, so we hope that you can enjoy this beautiful place as much as we do. Welcome!

Ruben and Priscilla