Rent a safari tent with us, enjoy the outdoors with comfort

Keep the camping feeling but don't have to bring your own camping gear. Our safari tent has it all. So you only have to pack a few things and you drive away without a cart or caravan behind the car and you arrive at least 2 hours earlier in the Czech Republic.

The safari tents are fully equipped.

With a floor space of approximately 40 square meters and headroom throughout the tent, you will have no shortage of space. The front of the tent can be opened completely, which is very pleasant when the weather is nice. There are two sleeping cabins in the back of the tent. One sleeping cabin has two bunk beds and the other sleeping cabin has a double bed (140×200 cm).

In addition, a lot of other useful things are already present. The safari tent has a mobile kitchen placed in the tent. In addition, you can cook outside in nice weather and enjoy

The kitchen is equipped with a four burner thermally protected gas appliance. In the kitchen cupboards you will find crockery and everything you need to cook well.

An important feature of our safari tent for 6 people is the awning, so that you can still sit outside even in bad weather. Under the awning is a lounge set with a low seat and in the living area a high table with chairs that can all be easily moved.

Inventory of a safari tent for 6 people

There are no sanitary facilities in the safari tents and there is no running water, but there is a water point in front of the site. There is electricity and lighting in the sleeping cabins, the living area and under the awning. There is also a refrigerator, coffee maker and kettle. Of course there are standard pillows and duvets available in the safari tent for 6 people.


There are 4 safari tents together. All 4 are close to the sanitary facilities at places 2,3,19 and 20 on the map. The safari tents are located on a field with campers and accommodations in order to retain the low-threshold of camping, but have the comfort of a glamping tent.


Especially for you we have made a digital map in Dutch with more than 75 days away. Good restaurants, walking opportunities, swimming pools, sporting outings, cultural outings, viewpoints, beautiful towns and much more. It is a folder with outings for young and old.

Unique topics:

1. Bohemian Switzerland National Park with the main outing: Europe's largest natural stone bridge Pravcicka brana, but our own favorite is Kyjov udoli, just 10 kilometers from the site with beautiful rock walks.
2. Saxon Switzerland with the Bastei bridge as the main excursion.
3. Zittau Mountains: with the Oybin castle as the main excursion.
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